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"We hear through time, in different languages and contexts, from one hemisphere to another: Black power. Blackness is African roots, a rainbow of shades, a proud and political fact when animosity surrounds our people.

Artists and community healers have had to ascend above the fray for our planetary future. Music combines a love for art and unbridled expression. It's liberation in purest form. The diaspora channels ancient African rhythms, that brought blues' ancestors to American shores.

Modern-day rockers found liberation through percussive call-and-response that was transfused into metal. Africa's children claim Blackness as a source of strength: a bridge between past, present and a progressive future. This brings the dual consciousness that W.E.B. DuBois described. It's the god in us. And now, we finally can hold onto it.

These are revolutionary times."


The Gathering: A Collective Sonic Ring Shout (6-08-24)

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Deathbard Thanny - 'Thannarchist' (Anthem for the Era) (5-17-24)

Deathbard Thanny (5-12-24)

World Eater Recordings

Dubcorps (3-25-24)


Musical Uprising